General information on the company. All contents provided on this webpage ensure its user necessary general information about the tourist agency SloActive, turistična agencija, d.o.o., Zasip, Sebenje 26A, 4260 Bled, Slovenia, identification number: 822242800, tax number: 18420982 (hereinafter: »SloActive d.o.o.«, »company« or »controller of personal data«), as well as information on the activities and services, which the company provides.

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Privacy policy

The data, inclusive of personal data (which comprises data on identified or identifiable individuals, for instance, name and surname, address, e-mail address, IP address, user behaviour), which is collected during the use of this webpage, is being managed and processed by the company  SloActive d.o.o., which is also the controller of personal data in light of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter: »GDPR«).

More specific information on the controller of the webpage and on the information collected during the use of this webpage may be found hereunder:


Identity and contact details of the controller SloActive d.o.o.
Zasip, Sebenje 26A, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Telephone: 00 386 31 251 010


Contact details of the responsible person for personal data
Urška Pipan (


Purposes, for which the information, collected through the webpage, is being processed and the legal basis for processing

(a) Visit of the webpage

Whenever you visit the webpage of the company SloActive d.o.o., the website automatically commences collecting files of the online server, which comprise of IP numbers – numbers that identify a particular computer respectively another device on the internet, the version of the browser, time of visit, language and version of the software, screen resolution, Flash and Javascript support. Data collected in such manner is not being processed independently, or being connected with other data or used in any other way, which means that the identity of the individual cannot be determined.  The described procedures are intended for securing respectively enabling higher security of the network, to ensure protection of the transmitted information, to render the detection of unauthorised accesses possible, in order to prevent any threats to the security, accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of the saved or transmitted personal data.  The safety of the services, made accessible through these networks and systems is crucial and always in first place. Thereby the company maintains a safe and effective provision of its activities, which lies in presenting its services to the public and enabling communication with clients and persons inquiring about the services, in accordance with the company’s legitimate interests. Data is being stored for a maximum of:

·         2 years (_ga  google analytics)

·         1 day (_gid  google analytics)

·         until closing the session (_gat_gtag  google analytics and PHPSESSID session cookie)

·         1 month (cookie_notice_accepted respectively notification on cookies)

(b) Records on the persons inquiring about the services and the subscribers of services

Through the website of the company SloActive d.o.o. respectively its Contact form, each user may submit its inquiry, question or ask for an offer regarding the company’s services. In such manner the company collects data on the name and surname or company name, e-mail address, telephone number, the requirements, questions and other wishes (“mandatory fields”). Information gained through the form is used by the company SloActive d.o.o. for the preparation of the offer for services and for the purposes of contacting users, as legitimate interests of the company and for the fulfilment of agreements, in relation to inquiries or orders. Information is being stored until the lapse of 6 months, save in instances when the user informs the company it does not wish to be saved in the databases of inquirers. Data may be saved longer than 6 months, if the individual expresses its wish to stay in the databases and/or receive newsletters on campaigns, news or surveys from point (c) below, or if the user is still in the process of discussing the ordering of services. See also “Contact form” section.

(c) Sending of newsletters

Individuals that wish to receive newsletters from the company, inclusive of marketing material, campaigns, interesting news from time to time and invitations to surveys, may indicate such wish in a special section in the Contact form, where individuals have the possibility to choose which contents they wish to receive. Individuals receive newsletters from the company based on their provided consent, until they revoke their consent through the e-mail address or telephone number 00 386 31 251 010.

Any subsequent revocation of receiving newsletters does not affect the (un)lawfulness of sending newsletters prior to revocation.

The company SloActive d.o.o. will never send messages with inappropriate content.


Contact form and sending of electronic messages

Whenever an individual establishes contact with the company through e-mail or the Contact form on the website, the information collected (name, surname, company name, e-mail, telephone number, reason and comment to the established contact) is saved by the company in order to respond to the inquiry or to send an offer. The legal basis for data processing in such case is the company’s legitimate interest, the fulfilment of the agreement amongst the parties and the consent of the individual. Such data is being used only for the purposes of the subject matter.


Users of persona data and transfers

The contractual processor of the company, which maintains the website, is the user of personal data which is transferred through the website.

Personal data in other instances is being transferred only when required so by law, judicial or other official bodies.


Transfer of personal data into third countries or international organisations

Personal data are not being transferred into third countries or international organisations.


Time of storage of personal data  

Times of storage of personal data are described above under the section Purposes of collection.


Rights of individuals

The individual who provided its data through the website or directly through e-mail, may, at any time, require from the controller by submitting a request through e-mail or telephone number, to enable insight into the collected personal data, its transcript, copy, supplementation, changes, blocking or deletion of the personal data, the limitation of its use and its transfer. The individual may also object the processing of personal data. All requests must be supplemented with reasons why processing should no longer take place. In case of the individual’s legitimate objection, the company shall examine the factual background and adapt or cease with the processing in accordance with the request. In instances however when the company ascertains a legitimate basis for processing, the individual shall be informed accordingly of the continuation of data processing. The individual may also file a complaint of any deemed breach of personal data protection, with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia, through its online form reachable under When submitting the breach notification, comments or questions to the company, the individual is not obliged to disclose its personal data. Failing to do so, however, will prevent the company to be able to contact the notifier thereafter.


Last update: 12 November 2018