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Dobrodošli (Welcome) to the SloActive web page. Who is SloActive? It is I, Urša and my partner, Tomaž, two cycling and hiking enthusiasts, who believe the best way to explore the world is by bike or on foot.

I am the more adventurous and love to travel. Sport and my love of nature are just a couple of my passions. I also enjoy good food and a glass of red wine, here and there. I am outgoing , always smiling and most of the time, happy. I like to ensure that everyone around me is happy too.

Tomaž is the realistic one and the voice of common sense. He is also passionate about sport and spending a great deal of time amongst the nature. He loves the mountains, enjoys photography – his favourite subjects being birds and the natural scenery. Additionally, during the past few years, he has become a passionate and creative wood designer. On the practical side he maintains the bikes (and other equiptment), making sure everything is in tip-top condition and that all runs smoothly. He has a natural talent for finding the best routes, and his hiking and cycling itineraries are imaginative and well-thought out.

So, your SloActive team, I, Urša and Tomaž, compliment each other in the most perfect way.

Our love of the outdoors and of our beautiful Slovenia shows itself in every aspect of our lives. We have been lucky enough to now incorporate these passions into our own careers and, SloActive.

Slovenia is such a diverse country and even though we have been cycling and hiking through it for, what seems like, a life-time we still make discoveries that surprise, astonish and delight us.

Slovenia is not just Bled, Ljubljana and the caves of Postojna and Škocjan. It is lakes, mountains, meadows, valleys, forests and the coastal region. It is also the magnificent colours that change with every season. It is the friendliness and warmth of its people, the food, which varies from region to region, the wines reflecting the flavours of the soil they are grown in. In short, it is everything for everyone.

This is your holiday – we wish you to enjoy it fully.

A holiday is all about having an unforgetable and fantastic time, away from work, away from the routine of every day living. We fully understand that such type of a holiday needs extra time, thought and planning.

We established SloActive so that people like you can relax and have more fun cycling or hiking whilst discovering our Slovenia and admiring the awe-inspiring scenery. Our goal is to get all the details right for you. All you need to do is book the desired tour and let us take care of the travel details such as hotel reservations, luggage transferral, so that it is awaiting you at your next accommodation. Plus all the other details needed for a carefree, active holiday. We provide a high level of service, knowledgeable tour guides, quality bikes and required support, as well as carefully designed and prepared route itineraries.

We´ve designed, pedalled, hiked and enjoyed all of the routes ourselves. We have searched for the best places to visit. The most attractive roads to cycle, trails to hike, thus enabling you to relax and enjoy your chosen destination to its maximum. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Slovenian landscapes, charming villages, places steeped in fascinating history and attractive cities. We´ve created trips for everyone so that regardless of age, gender or ability, anyone can experience the joy of cycling or hiking.


Our cycling holidays have been graded by using  three categories. We calculate our grading based on distances covered, combined with route conditions (routes include cycling on asphalt. gravel roads woods and cycling paths), climate and on the amount of altitude gained. They are intended as a guideline, to check your suitability for a specific tour. Should you need more information about a certain tour, please feel free to contact us.

We classify the routes as either Easy, Moderate or Tough.


Ideal for those infrequent cyclists. The route is mainly flat with the occasional hill. The daily distances are between 25 km - 40 km per day.


Ideal for those who cycle regularly. The route does include some hills, although we will avoid the steepest and longest climbs. The daily distances are between 40 km - 60 km per day.


Ideal for regular cyclists who are looking for longer distances and more of a challenge. The route will naturally include some hills. The daily distances are from 40 km – 70 km per day.

We wish you to enjoy and have more fun on your bike while riding in new places. Let us take care of the details.



Our groups are small, normally 8-16 people, meaning our trips aren’t disruptive to the places we visit. Plus, a smaller number of guests creates a good group dynamic; you’ll get to know a number of people from different backgrounds with a shared interest in travel.

And with a local guide on all our guided group trips, you’ll get a unique insight into local life. They know the stories behind the sights you’ll see and take all the hassle out of travel arrangements, so you can focus on enjoying every moment of your adventure. Our passionate and knowledgeable guides are famous for going the extra mile to make sure your holiday is the best it can possibly be!


Self guided

Should you prefer to do it at your own rythm rather than following a guide who points you in the right direction, then self guided option is perfect for you. On self-guided cycling tours the decisions are yours to make, based on your personal interests and preferences, as well as detailed route notes that provide all the information you’ll need for your destination. Prefer to spend a lazy afternoon taking some sun by a lake shore, rather than peddaling all day? With self-guided travel you set your own pace, which means there’s always time for that swim in the sea, the detour to a nearby museum or that extra ice-cream scoop after lunch!

For those looking for a little more independence, self-guided cycling trips provide the opportunity for you to explore things in your own way. And, of course, we take care of your hotel reservations, luggage, making sure it’s transferred and waiting for you at your next accommodation. Perfect for romantic escapes,  anniversary or birthday celebration!


Short-Break Trips or Just a day trip = Fun Trips

We believe that there’s always time for a little adventure. And if you share this believe too, our range of day and short-break trips could be just for you.

Perfect for anyone craving a bit of excitement but struggling to make time for an epic trip, our short-break tours mean that in just a long weekend you could be cycling in beautiful Slovenian Karst region, admiring fairy tale Bled Lake or enjoy some peace at quite Slovenian Karst village Vremski Britof (app Jankovi). All you need to do is take a couple of days off work – we’ll do the rest.


Tailormade Tours

Do you need help with planning your next amazing get-away? We can also design a tailormade tours for you, your family, friends or co-workers. Tell us destination where you would like to go; when you are thinking of travelling; and any ideas you have. And let us take care of your next unforgetable adventure! We will work with you, give you suggestions for places to visit, point you to must do activities. We will do our best to make the most of your time away.
Should you like a tour that already exist in our offer and you would fancy adding a little extra excitment, just let us know. SloActive can help you create your perfect Tailormade Adventure.


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Just pack and go! Let leave your travel plan to travel experts!