Yes, hiking or cycling in Slovenia truly is paradise

What better way to explore such a magnificent country with so many rich natural beauties, architectural and cultural treasures, than on a cycling holiday or on a walking tour?

Welcome to Slovenia, the only country with the word LOVE in its name. We are extreemely proud to live here and to call this amazing country our home. In love with its dynamic landscapes, pristine nature and outdoor activities, we would like to invite you to explore this jewel in the company of SloActive. Biking or hiking in Slovenia, on a cycling tour or on walking holiday, we are absolutely positive that SLOVENIA  will astonish you.

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Not-withstanding that Slovenia is the first country in the world to be declared a »green destination« additionally its capital, Ljubljana, was awarded the 2016 European Green Capital  title.  Although it is »tiny«, it has so much to offer. The majestic Julian Alps, the magical subterranean worlds of Postojna and Škocjan caves, a charming coastline along the Adriatic Sea, the remarkably stunning Soča river, and we could go on and on.

In our offer you will find a variety of attractive cycling and hiking holidays in Slovenia which are well-designed with the option of guided or, self-guided programs of varying  levels. Anyone, a leisure biker or hiker as well as the more enthusiastic can find a program that will suit their expectations thus allowing them the joy of biking or walking through the picturesque countryside, on glorious mountains, exploring architecturally-rich cities, along-side beautiful rivers or the short but dazzling coastline.

Dobrodošli v Sloveniji!


Our love for our country and of outdoor activities. SloActive being the »brain-child« of two cycling and hiking enthusiastics is a professional travel company that takes pride in designing, organizing and delivering outstanding cycling or hiking holidays and trips. We put our hearts into every programe we create, immersing our travellers in the very best our country has to offer. Our goal is to show each traveler who decides to visit Slovenia that this really is a piece of Eden. Come and explore Slovenia with SloActive, by bike or on foot, and we will astonish you at every turn.

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SloActive was set up by two cycling enthusiasts who believe the best way to explore the world is by bike.

We´ve cycled round Slovenia adding the bike tours and walking holidays that most inspire us; those with beautiful landscapes, charming Slovenian villages, places with finest history and attractive cities. We´ve found the best places to stay, handpicked excellent places to eat and researched the most welcoming pubs and cafes where you can sample local delicacies and fill up on delicious food.
We´ve created group cycling tours and self guided biking holidays in Slovenia for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability anyone can experience the joy of cycling and become an explorer right from the seat of their saddle.

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Easy, Moderate or Tough

Easy – ideal for those infrequent cyclists. The route is mainly flat with the occasional hill. The daily distances are between 25 km - 40 km per day.

Moderate – ideal for those who cycle regularly. The route does include some hills, although we will avoid the steepest and longest climbs. The daily distances are between 40 km - 60 km per day.

Tough – ideal for regular cyclists who are looking for longer distances and more of a challenge. The route will naturally include some hills. The daily distances are from 40 km – 70 km per day.

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