Divača – Škocjan caves– surrounding Karst villages – Kozina – Divača (approx. 30 km and 370 altitude metres)

Cycling Karst in an unforgetable cycling experience. Only a few countries can boast of the natural phenomenon of exceptional global value. Today you can cycle to the beautiful Škocjan Caves, which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1986. If you wish, you can tour these spectacular and amazing caves before continuing on cycling around the colourful landscape. The villages of Karst are true »food« for the eyes. Full of historical sights and specialties. On the way are many authentic local inns, where the food is prepared on the basis of centuries-old recipes and a rich restaurant tradition. A perfect stop for a lunch break. The way back to Divača continues with cycling through the enchanting Karst settlements, past original and old stone Karst houses and over lush fields  on grey side-roads.

A winding cycling day trip through unique Karst with it’s wild landscape and phenomenons
UNESCO listed, beautiful Škocjan Caves are a must
Unique Karst architecture and old stone houses

Price: 20€ per person


approx. 30 km and 370 ascent.

Highest point: 625 m. Lowest point: 412 m.

– Škocjan caves
– Karst region and views
– typical arhitecture (old church’es, stone houses) and small hamlets.

Tour Type: self guided.

Price per person: 20 €.

Price includes: gps files, programe preparation, VAT.

Optional supplement:
– bike rent 20 € (trekking bike Scott Sub 30 and bike pannier).
– electric bike 40 € (Scott E Sub Active Unisex and bike pannier).
– gps advice 8 €.

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